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Cutlery Resources

As promised, here are some good resources for buying and maintaining quality kitchen cutlery. You can get good knives at good prices from just about anywhere these days. These places, however, know their cutlery and offer great service.

Boston Area Knife Resources

Kitchen Arts
161 Newbury Street
Boston MA

50 Temple Place
Boston, MA 02111
(also in Copley Place: 617-536-8688 and The Mall at Chestnut Hill: 617-244-4187)

Both Kitchen Arts and Stoddard's offer excellent selections of cutlery, but they are a bit pricey. What you're paying for are the people behind the counter that really know what they're talking about. While Stoddard's focuses purely on things with sharp edges, Kitchen Arts offers a cornucopia of kitchen supplies. If there's a kitchen gadget out there, those guys have it in stock. Both offer sharpening services at a very reasonable $2 to $4 (depending on blade size) per knife. For those of you outside of the Boston area, both Kitchen Arts and Stoddard's also accept knives by mail for sharpening. I've used Kitchen Arts once before and was very satisfied. I've never used Stoddard's, but they've been around for 200 years, so they must have figured out how to sharpen knives pretty good by now.

Knife Resources on the Web

A Cook's Wares
211 37th Street
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
A Cook's Wares' take sharpening knives

Professional Cutlery Direct
242 Branford Road
North Branford, CT 06471
Professional Cutlery Direct's take on sharpening knives

Both of these sites/stores have an excellent selection of quality knives (and other kitchen tools) at reasonable prices. They also regularly have sales where you can get some very good cutlery relatively cheap. I've ordered from A Cook's Wares and have been very happy with them. I've never ordered from Professional Cutlery Direct, but I've seen them recommended in both Cooks Illustrated and Fine Cooking. As far as I know, neither A Cook's Wares or Professional Cutlery Direct offer sharpening services. However, in an informative thread about knives on eGullet, Steven Shaw offered a link to a web site for place in New Jersey called Just Knives that does.

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Hey Rich or Dick,

I heard you had your knife class at MIT. How did it go?


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xie mingjun:

the best professional cutlery
maker in china:

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