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Amazon Gourmet Food Store

In addition to their restaurant experiment, Amazon appears to be beta testing a gourmet food store fronting for retailers such as Dean and Deluca, Lobel's meats, and D'Artagnan. Pretty impressive sources all around, but is it any easier/cheaper to buy through Amazon than direct? My judgement is reserved.

Posted on Oct 29, 2003 @ 10:58 PM



If these products' prices are not inflated too much, it may prove very useful to those of us who live far from large cities. I have to drive two hours to buy Azuki beans or porcini.

Posted on Oct 31, 2003 @ 07:16 PM


Prices are basically the same as the companies whose food Amazon is selling. Which begs the question, if I can get it direct from D'Artagnan for the same price, why go through Amazon? I don't trust it; these are the same guys who send me emails about what books they want me to read. I say Amazon is for suckers. If you do a little browsing you can find just about any foodstuff online directly from the people who grow/harvest/breed/slaughter/manufacture it, and you'll probably get higher quality, fresher products.

Posted on Nov 11, 2003 @ 04:38 PM


I'm starting to get those e-mails from family asking what I want for Christmas, so I was glad to see what Amazon's up to. That way I can pick out exactly what kind of olive oil, chocolate, teas, coffee, smoked fish, etc. and put them on my Amazon wish list. People don't have to buy it for me from there, but at least they can get an idea of what I'd like. I know it seems like a mercenary approach to gift-giving. I have no defense.

Posted on Nov 20, 2003 @ 05:30 PM

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